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Water Hammer

Posted on 22nd Jan 2020

Any suspicious noise coming from your pipes can be cause for concern. But no need to panic just yet, if you find the source of the noise it could possibly be something you can fix.

However, if you would feel more comfortable letting a professional take a look, our team are more than happy to help, please call us on 01747 858852.

Water Hammer is Typically Caused By?

  1. Loose Pipes
  2. Worn Out Washer
  3. Float Valves

Loose Pipes

Mains plumbing pipework needs to be adequately clipped to the surface it runs along.

How to Fix Loose Pipes

Locate the area the noise is originating from ensure that the pipework is clipped, secured and supported at regular intervals using nail clips. They can be purchased at most plumbing merchants.

Worn Out Washer

A worn out washer in a tap or valve can cause whistling in water pipes or squeaky pipes.

How to Fix A Worn Out Washer

If you notice the squealing sound starts when a particular tap or appliance is on, you could try the following.

First, shut off the house water and replace the washer if they look worn or cracked. It may be that the whole tap may be worn out and need replacing.

Float Valves

Yet another noise problem can come from the toilet. If, after flushing, you hear a banging or rattling at the end of the fill cycle, then it is likely that the float valve is worn.

How to Prevent Noisy Pipes from Your Toilet

Depending on the style and how the float valve is fitted you might be able to repair it or replace it with a better one.

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