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Turning Sunlight into Hot
Water for your Home Down


  • Reduced Fuel Bills

    Solar Thermal panels will greatly reduce your annual hot water costs as solar energy is free. Your panels work most of the year providing up to 60% of your household hot water needs; possibly requiring a top up from your boiler or heat pump during winter months.

  • Reduce Carbon Footprint

    Solar Thermal panels use a renewable energy source to provide your hot water so this eco-friendly system will help to lower your carbon footprint. Solar Thermal panels can help to reduce the average UK household emissions by up to 400kg per year.

  • Low Maintenance

    Many Solar Thermal systems come with a five-year or ten-year warranty and with few moving parts require little maintenance. We do recommend an annual service to maintain your panels, prolong their life and uphold your warranty. At Ace Energy we offer an annual service check, for more information.

  • RHI

    Solar thermal technologies qualify for the Renewable Heating Incentive repayments for 7 years; this scheme was set up by the Government to encourage homeowners to invest in more eco-friendly technologies and our MCS registered administrators will help you through the application. For more info on the RHI click here.

Points to Consider


  • Sunny Spot

    Solar Thermal panels will need up to 5m² of space, on either your roof, wall or land; and your panels will need to face East to West through South and receive direct sunlight for the most part of the day.

  • Compatible Boiler

    To add Solar Thermal Panels to your existing heating system the boiler and hot water cylinder need to be compatible. Most conventional units are compatible, however combi boilers without a hot water tank wouldn’t be; so, you would need to consider replacements.

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